Clinical Educator Programme

CEP revalidation

How to revalidate an expired CEP certificate.

CEP certificates are valid for five years from their date of issue. Revalidation of CEP status must be completed within that five-year period.


Am I eligible to revalidate?

To be eligible to revalidate a CEP certificate, you must teach Edinburgh Medical School students, or trainees in South East Scotland Deanery or one of the NHS boards that take Edinburgh Medical School students (Ayrshire & Arran, Dumfries & Galloway, Forth Valley, Lanarkshire, NSS/BTS, State Hospital, Highland, Western Isles).

CEP revalidation is not the same as Recognition of Trainer revalidation. For those seeking GMC recognition of their named educator role, this will continue to be at the discretion of your appraisers and local Director for Medical Education. 


How to revalidate

There is a single pathway for revalidation of your CEP certificate that involves the following:

  1. Submit a teaching log detailing continued involvement in teaching during the previous 12 months (see guidance below) 
  2. Submit feedback from students/trainees in response to your teaching (see guidance below).
  3. Arrange a teaching observation and feedback session with the Clinical Educator Programme. 


Teaching log guidance 

You must submit a teaching log to evidence your teaching activity over the previous 12 months. This can be submitted in a range of formats, but we ask that it can be easily interpreted, and the information should include: 

1. basic learner details i.e. 12 x 4th year MBChB students or 3 x (insert specialty) trainees 

2. date(s) of teaching 

3. approximate duration of each teaching episode

4. teaching format (bedside, simulation, lecture, educational supervision, etc.) .

We have attached a teaching log proforma for ease of use. 


Evidence of learner feedback

Your teaching should be fit for purpose and regular evaluation by your learners may enable you to gauge if your teaching has had a positive impact.

It is a key personal development strategy and while we appreciate the value of unsolicited emails of thanks from students and trainees, CEP revalidation will require evidence of planned evaluation, such as a small sample of formal written feedback from your learners. The feedback you provide will not be assessed to any standard; we simply request that you demonstrate your efforts to identify scope for development in your teaching.


Teaching observation and feedback 

A teaching observation and feedback session has been a long-standing and well-regarded feature of the Clinical Educator Programme. It is an opportunity for you to have your teaching observed by a CEP tutor, in a safe and supportive environment. Please be assured that this activity is a means to supporting educator development:  there is no assessment element and the feedback you receive is confidential. Please see the web link below for further guidance. 

It may be helpful to have an understanding of the UK Professional Standards Framework, (UKPSF), as we use this for benchmarking good practice within teaching and learning.  The framework can be found below.

Previously, as part of the CEP revalidation process, you were asked to participate in two additional CEP workshops. This is no longer required. However, should you wish to participate in workshops as part of your ongoing educator development, you are very welcome to do so. It is a means by which you link in with the broader educator community and we would be delighted to have your contribution.


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