Clinical Educator Programme

Programme Structure

The CEP offers six educational skills courses, as well as a teaching observation and feedback session.

Each course involves completion of a course guide followed by a 90-minute online, or two-hour face-to-face, workshop. You can select courses to suit your individual development needs.  Some participants may choose to complete just one course, however, more commonly, participants choose to complete the full suite of six. There is no requirement to complete the courses in any particular order. Each of the courses has been designed to map to a specific General Medical Council (GMC) framework area as stipulated in the Criteria for Trainer Recognition.  The GMC criteria are underpinned by the Academy of Medical Educators' (AoME) professional standards for medical, dental, and veterinary educators (2014). The six courses on offer are (click on the title to read the description):



In addition to the six courses, participants can also take part in a teaching observation and feedback (TOF) session. This is an opportunity to have your teaching observed by a CEP tutor in a safe and supportive environment and it constitutes Framework Area 7.

Once you have registered with CEP, a member of the administrative team will be in touch via email with details of how to access course content and live workshops.


Teaching Observation and Feedback Session

What types of teaching do you observe? 

We interpret teaching very broadly and will observe any type of educational encounter, and in any environment where this is practical. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • lectures
  • tutorials
  • ‘Problem-Based Learning’ sessions
  • simulation
  • supervision
  • clinical/bedside teaching
  • teaching in specialist settings (theatre, anaesthetic room, laboratory)
  • online teaching

We will observe online only where we attend at the time of teaching, ie we will not provide feedback on pre-recorded video lectures or recordings from live lessons. We can observe postgraduate and undergraduate supervisory meetings provided your learner has consented in advance. Your teaching session should ideally be scheduled for one hour but we can be flexible.


How do I arrange to have my teaching observed?

Email the CEP administrators at to request a teaching observation.

Dependent upon tutor availability, you will be put in touch with a CEP tutor with whom you can agree any specific arrangements.  We are flexible and will do our utmost to accommodate your request, but we ask that you provide as much notice as is possible. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Dates and times of teaching    
  • Duration    
  • Venue (platform if your teaching is online)    
  • Nature of your teaching  
  • Approximate number of learners    
  • Your contact telephone number    

We recommend that you only request a teaching observation and feedback session once you have demonstrated commitment to the programme by completing some of the courses.


How do I prepare for my teaching observation session?

There is no specific preparation required, however, we recommend that you reflect on the CEP workshops that you have attended as you might wish to apply any learning from those to your teaching.


What happens on the day of the observation and feedback session? 

Meeting details can be agreed via email with the allocated tutor in advance of your observation. In the case of in-person teaching, the CEP tutor will come to your location in good time before your session starts. In the case of online teaching, you will be expected to provide a link that will let the tutor log in to your lesson. A second link may be required for the feedback discussion – again, this can be discussed with your allocated tutor prior to the observation date.

All observations are mapped to the  Professional Standards Framework (PSF 2023) | Advance HE ( for teaching and supporting learning in higher education. There will be a feedback discussion after your session and we would like to stress that there is no assessment element to this. The teaching observation is an informal developmental activity and its purpose is to highlight what you do well and identify where there may be potential for development in your teaching. The feedback discussion usually takes about 30 minutes.  You will be provided with a copy of your teaching observation and feedback document shortly after the observation (usually within one week).