Research Data Service

An online platform for the creation, management, and sharing of research protocols or methods

The University has a subscription to the service and it is available to all staff and students of the University. 

Users of the University subscription can: logo
  • Create new protocols within the system
  • Upload existing methods and digitise them
  • Share protocols between group members and external collaborators
  • Publish protocol(s) making them freely available for others to use and cite or keep them private

Benefits of using

  • All protocols are dynamic and interactive, helping with collaboration within a group or among co-authors outside of the university.
  • Those with access to a protocol can then update, annotate, or fork it so that it can be continually improved and developed.
  • Subscribing to the University plan will allow research groups to organise their methods and ensures that knowledge is not lost as trainees graduate and postdoctoral students move on.
  • There is interoperability with GitHub and RSpace, and long-term preservation of protocols through CLOCKSS.
  • There are native iOS and Android mobile apps for running the protocols as a checklist during an experiment, helping to guide the work and record any changes on that day in a lab-notebook fashion.

How to sign up for an account

There is a registration page dedicated to helping you sign up for an University subscription account on the site. When you register with your University email address you will receive a Premium Individual account and the rights to set up Premium group accounts.

Register for a University of Edinburgh account

More details more about the benefits of a Premium user account


This service is free for our students and staff.

If the University decides to terminate the subscription individual users from the University of Edinburgh will have the option to pay for the continued individual and team accounts directly. If users do not wish to pay for their own subscription they will continue to have access to their private content but will not be able to create additional private protocols.


Webinar 1 - Introduction of to the University of Edinburgh community

The UoE - partnership provides the UoE students and staff with free Premium individual and team plans. This webinar gives an introduction to and will teach UoE students and faculty how to get started on 

Webinars 2-4 - College focused webinars with discipline specific examples

These three webinars build on the introduction given in Webinar 1 and provide examples relevant to the types of research being done in each of the three colleges.

2 - College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine -

3 - College of Science and Engineering -

4 - College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences -

Webinar 5 - Utilizing the and RSpace integration to improve efficiency in the lab

This is not a UoE specific webinar, but is relevant to anyone wishing to learn more about the benefits of utilizing the RSpace and integration and how it can help you to improve your efficiency in the lab.