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Information Services has completed a trial of the RSpace enterprise ELN platform, and as from 1 January 2019 RSpace has been added to its expanding portfolio of services for researchers. The University of Edinburgh-hosted RSpace service benefits from integration with local infrastructure, allowing researchers to log in with their University login (EASE), link to files on DataStore, and archive data in DataShare.

RSpace is a multi-faceted research tool in a single, secure system accessed conveniently through any modern web browser. RSpace is an electronic lab notebook that enables researchers to do the following:

  • capture and organize data
  • use as collaboration software for groups to organise and share data
  • use as a management tool for principal investigators to observe and manage lab workflows
  • use as a platform for institutions to capture, publish and archive data
  • use the new sample inventory feature

The University has a discounted licence agreement with RSpace to provide the standard RSpace Enterprise edition.

Data security

  • The RSpace Enterprise service is maintained on a University server which is backed up daily with a four week retention period.
  • Access to the service is authenticated via your University login (EASE).
  • The service is not suitable for sensitive data relating to human individuals such as patient data or other special categories data.
  • The Harvard University ELN matrix reviewed RSpace to be suitable for their Level 3 category of data security.

How to obtain access

To request a demo for your group or sign up for a two month free trial, contact Software Services.

Software Services RSpace page


RSpace licenses are available free of charge for classroom (teaching) purposes. If you need licenses to use RSpace for classroom (teaching) purposes, please email Research Space using your University email, and indicating the name(s) and UUN(s) of the user(s) in your class including the details of the teacher or class leader.

Useful resources

RSpace enterprise platform website

University of Edinburgh user help wiki

Log in to your University of Edinburgh Enterprise RSpace account

Getting support

The Research Data Service hosts the University of Edinburgh instance of RSpace. User support is provided directly by the RSpace team at

We previously hosted several RSpace training webinars in 2020. The recordings for these along with links to RSpace training videos are provide in the table below.

Online RSpace webinars (2020) Recording
25th June 1400-1500 –  RSpace integration with Chemistry applications and data types View webinar recording on MediaHopper
7th July 1300-1400 – Aimed at CSE but open to all View webinar recording on MediaHopper

15th July 1400-1500 –  Aimed at CMVM but open to all

View webinar recording on Media Hopper

23 July 1500-1600 – Aimed at CAHSS but open to all

View webinar recording on Media Hopper
RSpace recommends this training video on YouTube

Full RSpace training video on YouTube

RSpace help documentation contains a large number of training videos RSpace interactive help documentation site