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Notebooks using the University Confluence wiki

As an alternative to using a commercial package, researchers within the University have adapted the University's Confluence wiki service and developed a user friendly wiki template called "WikiBench" that can act as a simple Electronic Notebook.

The WikiBench template offers:

  • an attractive lab homepage
  • researcher notebook layouts
  • templates for common tasks
  • wiki macros to enrich content, ease navigation and automate page creation and aggregation

Trying WikiBench can be a useful way to find out what functions your lab actually needs from an Electronic Notebook. The creators of the WikiBench template are happy to help you set up your own copy. If you are interested in trying WikiBench or have queries you can contact them at

A short WikiBench demo presentation on Media Hopper

Example data in WikiBench ELN

Instructions for setting up a new WikiBench template