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CLA Collection of Royalties Data exercise

CLA Collection of Royalties Data exercise - Spring 2024

The University of Edinburgh holds a Copyright Licensing Agency licence which enables staff to photocopy, scan and re-use published material from certain books, journals, magazines, or websites to support Learning and Teaching. The university has been chosen to participate in the 2023-24 collection of royalties during the spring term, between 22 January 2024 - 8 March 2024. This exercise supports the fair and equitable distribution of royalties to the authors, publishers and visual artists whose works are used in Higher Education. 

All exercises are conducted now remotely so most data will be recorded using a number of digital tools such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Using the new CLA Copy button embedded in the software of most printers (PaperCut MF), as shown here.
  • A quick, easy to complete and anonymous online reporting form to capture essential bibliographic and quantitative information in situations when, for various reasons, the CLA Copy button cannot be used. A QR code will be placed on posters adjacent to photocopiers to facilitate completion. To avoid any mistakes, the link will be active only when the exercise will take place.
  • Cloud facility to accommodate larger resources such as printed course packs.

The exercise itself will last for 7 weeks and will include all departments, both academic and non-academic, reprographics, the library and specialist areas such as research or non-credit bearing provision.  Non-academic departments are included to capture data unrelated to teaching or learning such as internal administration or press monitoring, for example HR and Marketing. Staff will be informed of the forthcoming exercise and the requirement for their full cooperation with CLA. 

The amount of photocopying and printing has reduced significantly over the last years, so it is even more important to record details of the activity which is still taking place.

Photocopies and printed resources should be reported

Copyrighted content which is shared with others, including staff, students and other contacts, should be reported. The material to be recorded includes, but is not limited to:

  • Photocopies of books, journals, periodicals, etc. including brief extracts or line quotes.
  • Copies of photocopies or where a digital resource is printed out then photocopied.
  • Copyright content used in a printed resource such as a presentation or handout.
  • Open resources and material from hybrid publications, where a mix of copyright and open access content is included (particularly in journals or other collections of work).
  • Resources provided to non-credit bearing students (e.g. professional or short courses).

Please send electronic copies of any physical course packs that have been handed or posted to students for this academic year 2023/24 to Janet Delgarno, Printing Services Manager.

Digital or electronic resources are reported separately and are not included in this exercise.

For more info, please contact Eugen Stoica