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Moodle Training

Training workshops for new programmes adopting Moodle as their VLE are available from Digital Skills and Training on request. Please register all interest by mailing the IS Helpline.

There is also an online training course for Moodle 4.1 (our current version) on LinkedIn Learning:

Learning Moodle

(Note: EASE login required to access the course)

The course is split into six main sections but not all will be relevant – e.g. the content in section 1 on downloading and installing Moodle. These sections are further broken down into topics so that specific content can be accessed as needed rather than completing the whole course.

Note: The course only covers core Moodle features so please bear in mind:

  1. it will look different as it does not have the University branding and theme
  2. it will not cover any third party functionality that we have added to our installation of Moodle

Help and support

See the Using Moodle section of this web site for available help documentation on our web pages. Detailed help and support documentation is held in the staff and student help courses within Moodle itself.

For any other help and advice with using this service, please contact IS Helpline: