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Wooclap is the University's new, centrally supported electronic voting system for in-class polling and asynchronous activities

A new centrally supported, in-class electronic voting system is being made available at the University to replace Top Hat. Wooclap was the clear winner among four evaluated systems in a recent procurement exercise and will be the only centrally supported voting system from academic year 2023-24 onwards. 

Why Change?

We have a legal duty to check the market to ensure that any tool we use is fit for purpose and value for money. In addition, while Top Hat has been popular in some areas, it was seen by many as overly complicated and cumbersome. Top Hat as a platform has been evolving over time and moving away from a simple voting tool to a more complete learning platform and was no longer the best fit for a significant number of users at Edinburgh. 

  • The introduction of Wooclap will bring a more user friendly interface and presenters will have more control over their events: 
  • You can choose from three levels of participant access: anonymous; self-identified; logged in. 
  • There is no need for students to create accounts to join and participate in an event. 
  • Participants access a Wooclap event via a QR code or a customisable short URL. 
  • There are 15 question types to choose from. 
  • You can share events with colleagues or collaborate on a single event. 

Availability and Access

The service implementation team are working to integrate Wooclap with Learn and Moodle. Both are in the final stages of testing with release to users expected within the next month. However, Wooclap is available to use as a standalone tool now and is available to everyone with a University account. Details on how to sign into the system are detailed on our help site.

Wooclap: Getting Started


Three training sessions are on offer and begin from the start of June 2023.

Wooclap Orientation (1 hour – offered weekly until October):

This session is aimed at experienced users of Top Hat/Mentimeter and is intended to quickly get you up to speed on creating and presenting events in Wooclap. 

Introduction to Wooclap (1.5 hour – offered monthly and then bi-weekly in August and September):

This session is aimed at novice users of voting systems and will give some background on using voting systems in general as well as Wooclap in particular. 

In-Class Polling for Student Interaction and Engagement (1 hour – offered monthly):

This session is aimed at any user of voting systems looking to develop their use beyond the use of multiple choice questions and knowledge checking. It will include some techniques that can be used to encourage peer and class discussion.

In addition, we are happy to arrange local in-person sessions for Schools, programmes, or courses. Let us know via IS Helpline if you would like to arrange a session locally.

Migration of Content 

All of the in-class question types in Top Hat have their equivalents in Wooclap and we are now able to offer a content migration process  to move questions between Top Hat and Wooclap. As Top Hat and Wooclap organise content differently, there will be some post-migration work required to arrange the content from Top Hat into appropriate Wooclap events.

Note: We are principally exporting questions as there is no way for you do this. If you have uploaded presentations and integrated with questions in Top Hat, and would like these to be fully replicated in Wooclap, please let us know as part of your request.

If you would like help with your migration please contact us via the IS Helpline putting "Top Hat Migration" as the subject. 

When filling out your request could you please include: 

  • A course contact name and email address 
  • The name of the Top Hat course(s)
  • Course join code(s) 
  • Semester the course will be running  
  • If not all the questions in a course, please indicate the content you would like migrated 
  • Please confirm if you have integrated slides/questions in Top Hat and that you would like us to recreate these as events in Wooclap

Before requesting a migration, we recommend that you take some time to organise your Top Hat course and remove any content that you do not require to be migrated.  

For Mentimeter users, all but one question type is available in Wooclap – there is no equivalent to the 2 x 2 Grid. While we have no method for migration of content from Mentimeter we can offer to recreate your questions in Wooclap. Again, please let us know via IS Helpline if you would like to take advantage of this service.



Export of Grades or Response Data

You may have grades that you want to sync with Learn or response data to export for further analysis. Please ensure that you have saved any data that you require from Top Hat before the end of July 2023. You can find help on exporting data in our Gradebook course or Top Hat's web pages.

Using the Gradebook in Top Hat (right click on link and open in a private/incognito window and enter course as a Guest)

Top Hat: Gradebook Overview


We have created an initial set of support materials to get you started with Wooclap. These can be found on our SharePoint pages. These articles will be added to as use of Wooclap develops at the University. 

Wooclap SharePoint