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MDM (iPad)

Details of the University's Mobile Device Management service for iPads.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables the University to securely manage mobile devices (primarily University-owned iPads) that access potentially sensitive data or operate in a specialist mode.

MDM includes storing essential hardware information about the mobile devices, deploying or restricting the apps on the devices, and securing devices if lost or stolen.

Mobile devices such as iPads now have more capabilities than ever before. To better leverage these devices the University has adopted an MDM service founded on Microsoft’s Intune platform. At this time, the University can only offer managed services for iPads purchased through its Apple partner, XMA.

To begin the discussion about managing iPads in your area please read the information below before contacting IS Helpline.

Please note: Personal iPads cannot be configured as managed ones. Only iPads purchased via XMA are supported.   


University areas with managed iPads

The following areas at the University manage their iPads:

CAHSS College Office (currently covering all CAHSS areas)

MVM (Easter Bush)

School of Biological Sciences

School of GeoSciences

School of Physics

New iPads can be added to these existing areas' management or, if you are in a different area, a new configuration can be set up for your School or department (see below).



Managed iPad Usage

General iPad usage information can be found at

PLEASE NOTE: Some apps on managed iPads may have their access restricted depending on the School/department in which they are configured. If you have any queries about usage or restricted apps, please contact IS Helpline via the contact button below.

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