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Office 365 Apps Review

Information about Office 365 Apps currently under review.

Apps or Features Under Review


2 apps reviewed

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Whiteboards in Teaching Spaces - Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital whiteboard for touch devices.  Microsoft Whiteboard is now available on teaching machines across campus and can be used with smart boards linked to those machines.

4 apps under review:

  • Local Room Finder app - A simple 'home-grown' mobile friendly app for booking available rooms easily and remotely.  Has potential to be used with door panels and with location services on mobile devices to find and book available rooms based upon the device's location. For more information see Local room finder app page
  • Bookings - A simple appointments-based bookings app which facilitates service operators in creating and publishing bookable services available to 'the consumer' who can then book via kiosk, a web browser or mobile phone.

1 app proposed for review:

  • Stream - Stream is a video media content platform.   The enablement of Stream has broad approval across campus and will host recordings of meetings or events from Microsoft Teams but could feasibly be used to host other video content.  This has overlap with the existing media production and streaming service so is currently unavailable. A first step before this platform can be made operational is a University agreed recordings policy which is currently in progress.   Additionally, the platform has to be configured and we need to design the service operations for itm, establish service levels and support flows etc.  To enable Stream will require funding so that a project can be budgeted and planned for.