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Look here for some resources and video content that might be of interest to you or your school.

Immune memory and the coronavirus

Title card for Immune Memory and the Coronavirus animations, showing Earth with pandemic spread lines.
In partnership with the British Society for Immunology, the Centre for Inflammation Research presents a three-part animated series on the human immune system and how immune memories form in response to infections like coronavirus.

Endometriosis : A hidden condition

Text reading 'Endometriosis: A hidden condition' with red blobs and image of a young woman sitting alone.
The Centre for Inflammation Research studies endometriosis in collaboration with the Centre for Reproductive Health at the University. This animation explains experiences of endometriosis, what it is and where to get support.

IRR Discovery Series

The CIR and Discovery Series logos next to a microscope, tinted blue.
Our Discovery Series from across the Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR), including CIR, tells the story of research discoveries making an important contribution to the science of tissue and inflammation in the body.


Different Supercytes cells, including natural killer cell
A new schools resource on inflammation and immunology.

STEM Clubs Online

STEM Clubs online logo
In collaboration with staff and students across the BioQuarter, CIR has produced a series of instruction videos to accompany activities from our online STEM Club series.

Home learning resources

A child writing at a table
Useful resources for supporting children in their home learning, collected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Primary school online resources for "The Mould that Changed the World"

Mould that Changed the World
This innovative public engagement project "The Mould that Changed the World" is a musical which harnesses the power of music and drama to raise awareness of the important health crisis of antimicrobial resistance.

Let's Talk About Health: Understanding Disease

A broad range of recorded public talks by researchers in the Centre from the Let's Talk About Health series.

Inaugural lectures

The University of Edinburgh logo
Videos of public lectures given by CIR Professors or Chairs newly appointed by the University

Save a Life For Scotland

Save a Life for Scotland official logo
Starting CPR saves lives, at least doubling the chances of survival. So let's be ready! We're asking you to say "I'll do it" and be one of the 500,000 people in Scotland getting trained in CPR.

Research in a Nutshell

Video camera in a recording studio
One minute videos explaining what researchers are investigating