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Dr Ewan MacLeod

My main research interest is in the interaction between pathogens and their insect vectors. This work mainly focuses on how and why parasites live or die in their vector, which may involve a process similar to apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Dr Ewan MacLeod


  • 1 George Square
  • Edinburgh
  • EH8 9LD

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Personal Profile

  • Teaching Fellow International Animal Health MSc programme- 2006-2008
  • Educational coordinator International Animal Health and Emerging Neglected and Infectious Diseases MSc programmes 2008-2010.
  • Programme Director International Animal Health 2011-present

I am the Programme Director of the International Animal Health MSc. This is an online MSc that provides a solid foundation of biological, immunological, pathological and epidemiological principles to equip students with the skills needed to identify, control and manage animal diseases. We aim to provide you with the expertise to tackle the international animal health challenges of the 21st Century.


Postgraduate Teaching

  • International Animal Health
  • Clinical Medicine and Infectious Disease
  • Global Health and Infectious Disease
  • Biodiversity Wildlife and Ecosystem Health

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Microorganisms Infection and Immunity 2
  • Medical Microbiology 3
  • Global Health and Infectious Disease
  • Diagnostics and therapeutics for infectious disease
  • Antibiotic Crisis

Research Focus

My main research interest is in the epidemiology of vector borne diseases. I have particular interest in African trypanosomes vectored by tsetse flies and the role that endosymbionts play in susceptibility.

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