Human Resources

Working abroad

As a leading international university we engage in an increasing range of activities and projects that require staff to be located overseas, from short-term assignments to permanent appointments. This has increased in recent years and is likely to increase further given the University’s international ambition and reach.

Just as in the UK, working in another country requires compliance with a host of regulations, including the right to work in that country (e.g. the need for a work permit/visa), taxation, social security, healthcare and pensions.   In addition, we, your employer, have a duty of care to ensure your health, safety and wellbeing.  These pages explain what issues need to be considered for any member of staff working abroad. This can be from as short as a one month period or even from the first day you arrive in some countries so please read on to see how staff and managers can obtain further information and advice.

Issues to be considered by staff and managers

These pages provide examples of the issues which need to be fully explored, considered, and risk assessed.