Human Resources

Working Abroad

As a leading international university we engage in a diverse range of activities and projects that require staff to be located overseas, from short-term assignments to permanent appointments. This requirement has increased in recent years and is likely to increase further given the University’s international ambition and reach.

However, working overseas for a UK employer - even for a short period of time - can have right to work/ immigration, employment law, tax, social security, pensions, insurance and health and safety implications (for both the individual and the University).  

These implications will vary by person e.g. their nationality and normal country of residence and by country, and sometimes states/jurisdictions within countries. They can also vary depending on the type of work to be undertaken abroad and the amount of time that will be spent in that country, and potentially in other countries.  Working overseas can be costly, both for the individual and the University. 

Given this complexity, and potential for significant additional cost, agreement to any individual working abroad for more than one month will only be granted in very limited circumstances and with the express approval of the individual’s Head of College/Professional Service Group.  These pages explain the criteria which must be met and the process which must be followed to secure such approval.  

Approval Process

This section explains what managers must do to secure approval for a new recruit or existing member of staff to work abroad for an extended period of time, generally for more than one month in a 12 month period.

Assessment Process

This section outlines the assessment process.