Human Resources

Assessment Process

This section outlines the assessment process.

This includes the steps involved in ensuring the implications, risks and costs of every working abroad arrangement are explored and formal approval is secured.


Duty of Care

As an employer, there is an obligation to know where employees are located when they are working as part of their employment contract. This protects employees and allows us to act in case of any security, health and safety or compliance issue. Managers should ensure that they know where their staff are located and inform HR of any working abroad situations within their teams using the Working Abroad checklist.

If the Head of School/Deanery or Department agreement is obtained to proceed with the working abroad assessment, the recruiting/line manager should complete the following checklist and email to the working abroad team:


Email Working Abroad Team


Please note that it can take several weeks to gather all the elements of the working abroad advice, particularly in complex situations. Therefore, as soon as you receive a request from an individual or become aware of the need for them to work abroad, please contact the Head of School/Deanery (College) or Department (Professional Services Group) to request agreement. If this is obtained, the above checklist must then be completed and submitted to the working abroad team.

Right to Work and Employ

This section highlights what the individual needs to take into account to ensure they have the right to work in an overseas country and the impact of working overseas on the right to work in the UK for non-UK/Irish nationals.

Taxation, Social Security and Pension

This section highlights the taxation, social security and pension implications of working abroad - for the individual and the University.

Insurance & Health and Safety

This section provides information to ensure the appropriate insurance cover and health and safety is in place.


Each case of working abroad is a significant investment.

Returning from Abroad

When an individual returns or relocates to the UK from working abroad, it is necessary for the local School/Department to email payroll, pensions and the working abroad team.