Global Health Academy

NESP: a Network for Studying Psychological Resilience in Low and Middle Income Countries

A new research programme for enhancing mental health training

Main objectives

  • To establish an interdisciplinary network dedicated to the identification of genetic, developmental and environmental risk factors associated with mental health and resilience across three differing LMIC regions and ancestries
  • To identify genetic and environmental risk factors associated with mental health and resilience across three differing LMIC regions and ancestries, and assess which risk factors and resilience opportunities are particularly influential in each setting (e.g. nutrition, peri-natal healthcare?)
  • To create a platform for future large-scale genetic, epidemiological and multidisciplinary studies of mental ill health and resilience in LMIC countries

The project is lead by 

Professor Andrew McIntosh (the Centre Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology)alongside Co-Investigator Professor Liz Grant (the Global Health Academy)

As well as:

  • Professor Stephen Lawrie
  • Dr Robert Stewart (the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences)
  • Dr Sumeet Jain
  • Professor  Ian Harper
  • Dr Angus McBeath
  • Dr Stefan Ecks
  • Dr Gael (School of Social and Political Science)
  • Dr Martyn Pickersgill
  • Dr Claudia Pagliari (the Centre of Population Health Science) 
  • Dr Maria Wolters (School  of Informatics 0.75)

And our partners:

Dr Henriette Raventos and Dr Javier Contreras (University of Costa Rica)

Dr Kaaren Mathias (Emmanuel Hospital Association India)

Dr Stefan Holzer (University of Malawi College of Medicine)