Global Health Academy

How we approach Global Research

The principles and approaches underpinning global and planetary health research at the University of Edinburgh.

Collaboration and forging equitable partnerships is at the heart of all our work. It is those most affected and with the deepest understanding of local contexts, that must be at the heart of research and solutions for change.

Making change possible

Planetary health and wellbeing for all is dependant on shared learning.

We have a global focus – recognising that people in LMICs face the strongest challenges in relation to health. Colleagues in LMICs bring essential insights to the global health agenda and the developments needed in high income settings.

The research we lead and promote is aligned with key approaches including:

  • Research agenda initiated by LMIC partners

  • Located in, co-designed and benefiting LMIC

  • Rooted in partnership

  • Orientated towards impactful action

  • Creating communities of practice

At the Global Health Academy we preference and support multidisciplinary studies and those that cut across traditional institutional functions and boundaries. It is only through cross sector working that we will be able to advance the SDGs, enabling health and wellbeing for all.

How we support research work

The Global Health Academy supports global and planetary health research in a number of ways including:

  • Leading research programmes
  • Mentoring and supporting University researches working in LMIC settings
  • Partnering with other universities and organisations to develop and deliver research
  • Developing resources to support ethical global research
  • Curating global partnerships, incluidng providing University staff, students and friends with introductions to local LMIC partners to support grant development and the the development of relevant research
  • Supporting the writing of funding and grant applications – including through the development of toolkits
  • Supporting skill development in relation to setting up and sustaining cross-country research partnerships
  • Actively fostering communities of practice and research networks across the University and in public, civic, voluntary and government agencies.

Together, we can make a difference.