Sample Requirements

This page provides details of the requirements for sample preparation prior to analysis at the Tephra Analysis Unit

Tephra samples are commonly prepared either as 25.5 mm diameter resin disks, or as thin sections. Please refer to the sample preparation page for further details on preparation and formats.

The finest-grained tephras are best prepared according to the method described in:

Hall M. and Hayward C.L. (2015). Preparation of micro- and crypto-taphras for quantitative microbeam analysis. In: Austin, W. E. N., Abbott, P. M., Davies, S. M., Pearce, N. J. G. & Wastegaard, S. (eds.) Marine Tephras. Geological Society Special Publication, 398. The Geological Society, London.

If you have any questions concerning preparation methods for your tephras, please contact Dr Chris Hayward.

This article was published on 25 May, 2020