Facilities for Chemical Analysis

The School houses a wide range of geochemical facilities which support research within the School. These facilities also support teaching programmes within the School of GeoSciences and provide an analytical service to other units within the University and other external research bodies.

Enquiries from external parties welcome.


We charge for certain types of access and services, please see the page for the particular facility you are interested in using.

Information we require from you

If you are contacting us with a query about gaining access to the Facility, please have the following information prepared in advance if you are calling, or included in your email inquiry:

  1. Contact details – your name, company or institution, address, telephone number and e-mail address
  2. Number of samples to be analysed
  3. Mass or volume of sample available
  4. Type of sample material/sample matrix
  5. Source of funding for invoicing purposes

Providing us with as much relevant information as possible at the start will speed the process and make it easier for us to give you an accurate response.


Contact Information: Additional information about the Facilities and free advice may be obtained by contacting:

Gavin Sim, by e-mail Tel: 0131 650 8532 Fax: 0131 668 3184


School of Geosciences,

Grant Institute (Earth Science),

University of Edinburgh,

Kings Buildings,

West Mains Road,



This article was published on 30 Jan, 2019