Reactive Flow Rig

The Reactive Flow Rig was designed and built to facilitate multi-phase flow through 38mm diameter cylindrical rock samples over a range of temperatures, fluid types, fluid pressures and confining stress equivalent to less than 4km depth. It also allows the injection of tracers and other such markers along with fluid sample collection post-rock contact.

reactive Flow rig

The reactive flow rig consists of a Hassler-type high-pressure vessel which holds cylindrical rock samples of 38mm diameter and up to 80mm in length. The fluid pumps (brine, hydrogen, CO) are designed for high temperature, pressure, hydrogen and supercritical CO2 conditions and all wetting parts within the system are in 316 stainless steel or PEEK to limit corrosion. 

The Reactive Flow Rig is rated to provide:

  • Up to 60MPa radial confining (σ2=σ3) pressure.
  • Up to 60MPa fluid pressure.
  • Up to 80oC rock temperature.
  • Up to 80oC injection fluid temperature.
  • Single and multiphase fluid flow including supercritical, liquid and gaseous CO2, hydrogen, nitrogen, water and brines.
  • Flow rates from 0.001ml/min to 20ml/min depending on pump type.
    • ISCO Syringe pumps with 100ml capacity
    • CP Class dual-headed, positive displacement piston pumps with constant pressure or flow rate control.
  • Upstream, downstream and differential pressure measurement and logging.
  • Fluid sampling
  • Full labview control and logging
  • 38mm diameter and up to 80mm length samples

This article was published on 7 Jan, 2021