Moray House School of Education and Sport

Fees and funding

Find details of tuition fees and opportunities for scholarships and financial support for our Transformative Learning and Teaching programme.

Tuition fees and costs

Annual tuition fees are listed on the Postgraduate Study Programme Fees pages related to your desired pathway, exit level and duration of study.

Fee Status and Government Funding

The MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching, like the PGDE, attracts the same levels of UK government support as an undergraduate degree programme. Therefore, tuition fees for eligible students from Scotland and non-UK European Union countries are expected to be paid by the Student Awards Agency For Scotland (SAAS). Check your fee status to see whether you are eligible. 

Students from Scotland and the EU should apply for tuition fee and living cost support to the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS).

Remember to select 'Undergraduate' as your course type when you apply to SAAS.

Students from the rest of the UK should apply for tuition fee and living cost support from their appropriate funding body depending on where they normally live:

Scholarships and funding

Scholarship opportunities are subject to change each year. Therefore, students are encouraged to seek out funding opportunities from the University and external funding bodies.

University and external funding

Tom and Maureen Fairlie Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student who intends to contribute to the development of mathematics or science-based subjects in Scottish secondary schools.

Tom and Maureen Fairlie Scholarship

Scholarships, loans and other funding

The University offers a range of scholarships, loans and funding schemes.

Scholarships, loans and other funding