Graduate School of Education and Sport

Transformative Learning and Teaching (MSc)

The MSc in Transformative Learning and Teaching is a unique programme providing both an academic masters qualification and professional registration to teach in Scotland; registration that is also held in high regard in many other countries worldwide.

Transformative Learning and Teaching programme introduction

An introduction to this programme including information about the pathways to choose from, career opportunities, and why to choose Edinburgh.

Programme aims

Summary of this programme's aims.

Programme structure

Throughout the duration of the programme students will engage in both university-based learning and site-based learning, with groups of students being placed in school clusters: one cluster in year 1 and a different cluster in year 2. A cluster will typically be one secondary school together with associated primary and nursery provision. Placing students in groups will facilitate collaborative learning and support.

Teaching and assessment

The programme team has an enviable mix of professional experience as educators, and academic experience as leading researchers in the field of education. We share a passion for continued inquiry into our own education practices, and seek to engage with students on the programme in educational debate that will push the profession forward.

Student comments

Our students share some advice and thoughts on their experience on the MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching programme.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for admission to the MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching programme.

Fees and funding

Information about the tuition fee and funding available to students undertaking the MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching programme.

Apply now

Please ensure you have read the entry requirements for the Transformative Learning and Teaching programme and are confident of meeting the criteria before applying online.

Further information

Further information about the Transformative Learning and Teaching programme.

Eligibility for Teacher Induction Scheme on completion of Initial Teacher Education

Students from Scotland, other parts of the UK (RUK) and other Member States of the European Union, who are studying at a Scottish Higher Education Institution are eligible to join the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS) which is organised by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

Participation in the TIS is not, however, compulsory for these students and some may choose to follow the alternative Flexible Route which is less structured and may better suit their personal circumstances.

Students from non-EU overseas countries who choose to attend Teacher Education Programmes at Scottish Universities can also follow the alternative Flexible Route to complete probationary service if they are able to remain in Scotland on completion of their studies.

GTC’s Preference Waiver Payment Scheme: If you join the GTC’s Preference Waiver Payment Scheme - which means you agree to work in any Scottish local authority for your induction post - in return you will receive £8,000 if you are a secondary teacher, or £6,000 if you are a primary teacher. This payment will only be made if you complete your Teacher Induction Scheme year in the local authority that you have been allocated to.