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Transformative Learning and Teaching: MSc (Full-time)

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Application Process

Applications are screened by College Postgraduate Admissions to ensure they meet the entry requirements.

Applications which meet the basic entry requirements are sent to the Programme Team for further consideration. The Programme Team look for applications that:

  • Evidence that the candidate has considered the implications of applying for this particular programme as a route to teaching.
  • Demonstrate clearly why the candidate deems themselves a good match for this programme, e.g. qualifications, experience, interests, dispositions.
  • Demonstrate relevant experience in formal or informal settings with children and young people, for example, work experience or observation in a school, with youth groups and after school clubs, or involving training or coaching young people in a number of different settings from commercial organisations to sports groups.
  • Show an ability to reflect critically on the above experience with children and young people.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the powerful role that teachers have on children’s lives.

Suitable applicants will then be invited for individual interview. Interviews will usually be conducted by a member of University staff and a member of School staff.