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Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Quality Assurance and Enhancement is a top priority in the School, ensuring that our teaching practices are at a high standard and continually improving.

Practice worth sharing

Lunchtime sessions aimed at promoting discussion and sharing information on teaching related practice that has worked well for us.

The sessions will also provide opportunities to take a tricky issue for discussion. The sessions are open to and take contributions from all staff and research students involved with teaching in Moray House School of Education and Sport, whether academic, support, technical or professional staff.

If you would like to see any previous session content, you can access the Practice Worth Sharing session slides on the School intranet.

Semester 2 Practice Worth Sharing sessions: 12.30 - 1pm

21 Jan 2020: Session 1:  Team building with Morag Crolla in SJL 4.22

05 Feb 2020: Session 2:  International Student Experiences with Dr Samaneh Zandian and Dr Ken Fordyce in SJL 4.22

18 Feb 2020: Session 3:  Experiential Learning in Higher Education with Dr Jule Hildmann and Andy Cross in SJL 4.22

17 Mar 2020: Session 4:  SORRY, THIS SESSION HAS BEEN CANCELLED - Learning Technologies in Higher Education with Chris Swift and Herve Lacroix in SJL 4.22

Semester 1 Practice Worth Sharing sessions: 12.30 - 1pm

17 Sep 2019: Session 1: Mental health promotion in higher education with Deborah Holt

02 Oct 2019: Session 2: Teaching reflective practice with Steve McLeister

15 Oct 2019: Session 3: On the topic of Reflective Learning with Heidi Smith

30 Oct 2019: Session 4: How do we get participation in large lectures? with Kelly Stone

12 Nov 2019: Session 5: Mental health in our practice with Laura Colucci-Gray

Quality and standards

Quality and standards in UK Higher Education are overseen by an independent body called the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).  In Scotland, responsibilities are devolved to QAA Scotland, whose distinctive approach features 'Enhancement Led Institutional Reviews' and 'Enhancement Themes'

The University of Edinburgh adheres to the QAA’s UK Quality Code for Higher Education.  This set of expectations enables us to safeguard our academic standards while improving student learning opportunities.

Moray House School of Education and Sport's practices articulate with the University of Edinburgh's Quality Assurance structure and processes.

Our University’s quality assurance structure and processes

How we assure and enhance quality

At Moray House School of Education and Sport we gather information on teaching and learning through four principal channels.

  • Student Views, through course evaluations and Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs)  
  • Staff Views, through course monitoring and annual programme monitoring / reviewing  
  • External Examiner views, through their annual reports  
  • Teaching Programme Reviews (TPRs) and Postgraduate Programme Reviews (PPRs), which are formal, periodic reviews involving a panel comprised of external examiners, staff from other parts of the University, and current students
  • Quality Assurance and Enhancement In addition to working with student reps, the Director of Quality Assurance and Enhancement offers drop in sessions for Course Organisers and Programme Directors. These are opportunities for our COs and PDs to drop in to ask questions, make suggestions/share good ideas or request support for any of the QA processes on their programme or course. No appointment necessary. For latest dates contact the Quality Team.
    • The  dates for Semester 1 2019 will be:
      • 1am-1.45pm on Friday 4 October  in Charteris Land, Room 2.03
      • 12.30-2.30pm  on Monday 28 October in Charteris Land, Room 5.03

Some programmes are also accredited by professional / statutory bodies.

Further to the above mechanisms for assuring the quality of teaching and learning, there are other ways that staff and students contribute to improving practice. For example:

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences' Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Annual report

Three priorities for 2018-19 identified through the 2018 Quality Assurance and Enhancement annual report were: 

  1. Review the teaching spaces in the School, identifying areas for enhancement and requesting support from the University as appropriate.
  2. Enhancement: working to increase postgraduate and undergraduate student satisfaction
  3. Sharing good practice in teaching and assessment feedback both within and beyond the School of Education.

Read the report in full from our School's Annual Quality Report.

Annual Quality Report (pdf)

Quality Assurance and Enhancement on the staff intranet

Quality Assurance and Enhancement intranet pages

Contact us

The Director of Quality Assurance and Enhancement at Moray House is Deborah Holt.  She welcomes your questions and comments regarding quality assurance and enhancement.

Contact us

If you are a student who wishes to lodge a formal complaint or appeal to a body outwith the School of Education, please contact Academic Services.

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