Moray House School of Education and Sport

Vision, mission and values

Our School vision is to continue to maintain and to strengthen further our position as the leading centre for research, impact and teaching in Education and Sport, both locally and globally.


Our vision is to continue to maintain and to strengthen further our position as one of the leading centres for research, impact and teaching in Education and Sport both locally and globally.


Our mission is one of interdisciplinary re-enlightenment in the Scottish tradition, both theoretically and practically. We will continue to serve the interests of our graduate and postgraduate communities in Scotland and worldwide through excellent teaching, supervision and research; and through our students and graduates, will aim to have a significant impact on the education, wellbeing and development of children, young people and adults, particularly with regard to the solution of local and world problems in the fields of education and sport.

Our values

We share a commitment to:

  • teaching, supervision and research that is relevant to society and holds to principles of social justice, inclusivity, diversity and accessibility
  • the fostering of a welcoming community of learning where staff, students, alumni and friends feel proud to be part of our School, College and University
  • deep-rooted and distinctive internationalism, attracting the world’s best minds and building innovative local and global partnerships for research, supervision, teaching, knowledge exchange and impact
  • learning as a socially transformational priority for individuals and communities.



Equality, diversity and inclusion

We are committed to elevating the importance of issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion for all members of our community.


Our School strives to create an accessible and inclusive curriculum and learning environment, respecting and supporting the equality and diversities of all students and staff.

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Quality Assurance and Enhancement is a top priority in the School, ensuring that our teaching practices are at a high standard and continually improving.

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