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Edinburgh Innovations and the Covid-19 pandemic

Edinburgh Innovations is working hard to drive innovation that can help the national effort to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and support the NHS.

We are also endeavouring to leverage the University’s research expertise to help businesses and public-sector bodies build resilience and ensure their longevity during and beyond the crisis.

We have streamlined procedures so that University staff can begin working immediately with businesses, the public sector and other organisations to fast-track the development of new products and services.

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Project under way 

University staff already have more than 20 collaborative projects under way with businesses and other external bodies. They include:

  • Helping scale up disinfectant production
  • Finding a new way to chemically bond antimicrobial agents to fibrous materials
  • Developing a rapid point-of-care test for Covid-19
  • Researching the use of the sewage system to monitor Covid-19 infection rates
  • Improving social distancing among teenagers
  • Developing a citizen science app to record social effects of Covid-19

Funding available

A range of funding streams have been repurposed to respond to the Covid-19 crisis, and we can help source funding for collaborative projects that either tackle the pandemic directly or help drive collaborative innovation in response to it. To learn how we can help you, contact our Business Development team.

Business as usual

Meanwhile, Edinburgh Innovations is endeavouring to provide our usual full service to all our clients and prospective clients. Our meetings, events and other activity continue uninterrupted where possible, in digital format.

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