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We are very lucky to have vibrant and active student societies that are at the core of our student community. 

Economics Society

With over 1200 members and 100+ events hosted every year, the Economics Society (EconSoc) is one of the largest student societies at University of Edinburgh. It includes EconWomen, EconSport, the Scottish Economic Conference, Insight magazine, and the Buccleuch Banter podcast.

The society aims to foster a supportive community of a diverse range of students, brought together by a shared interest in the social sciences. It creates academic opportunities and insight by hosting speakers, discussions and debates not otherwise available through the University. Looking to prepare its members for their careers, they provide information about, and experiment with, companies and industries related to their field of interest.

You can connect with EconSoc on Instagram and Facebook.


EconWomen focuses on the representation of women in the economics sector. They have many events to get involved with to empower women to be proactive towards their future professional career. They also have a football team for anyone who likes sports or wants to take up a more active hobby.

EconWomen on Facebook

Econ Clans

The School of Economics Academics Clans' goal is to ease the transition to university life by enabling first-year students to interact and socialise with fellow students, attend fun events, and partake in unique Edinburgh experiences. 

Every first-year student in the School of Economics is assigned to a clan, containing other first-years, led by second and third-year Economics students. Our leaders facilitate Clan events and can help answer questions about topics including uni life or studying Economics. 

You can find Econ Clans on Instagram and Facebook, or visit the School's web page on Academic Clans.

Economics for Change

Economics for Change is an innovative society striving to rethink traditional economic concepts and take on new challenges such as climate change and new emerging world powers. So if you want a radical society, where norms are questioned and economic theory and practice is renewed, then Economics for Change is the one for you! 

Economics for Change on Facebook

Trading and Investment Club

This club has attracted sponsorship from a number of major financial institutions, enabling it to set up its own investment fund. Other club activities include basic training in financial trading and analysis, and a series of talks on finance topics by staff from leading financial institutions. 

Trading and Investment Club

180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest university-based consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises. They operate in more than 35 countries in over 150 branches, one of which is based at the University of Edinburgh.

You can connect with 180 Degrees on LinkedIn and Facebook, or visit their website.

Edinburgh University Students' Association

EUSA, as well as various individual student societies, offer skills training sessions, covering such skills as assertiveness, communication, leadership, presentation, team building, and group work. On their website, you can search for other societies that involve your personal interests.

Edinburgh University Students' Association

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