Volunteer for Coronagenes

Would you like to volunteer but aren't sure what's involved? Find out more information and sign up here.

What's involved?

Are you interested in signing-up but want to learn more about what you'll be asked to do? Find out here.

Sign up to Coronagenes

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Want to take part in Coronagenes? We're looking for anyone over the age of 16 to get involved. Sign up here.

Antibody Test Instructions

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Not sure what is expected of you when you do your antibody test?

Volunteer handbook

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Are there any questions you have that we haven't answered? Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to find an answer.

Downloading and Uploading DNA Data

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Are you unsure how to download DNA data from a company or how to upload it to our system? We have download instructions for the four main providers here and detailed upload instructions too.