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The incidence of incomplete hippocampal inversion in patients with epilepsy, status epilepticus & febrile seizures: a systematic review.

  • Background: The aim of this review was to examine the incidence of incomplete hippocampal inversion, IHI, in cases of epilepsy, convulsive status epilepticus, CSE, and febrile seizures, and compare its incidence with that in healthy individuals.
  • Methods: A literature review was performed in line with PRISMA methodology to search for studies which contained hippocampal morphology assessment in cases of epilepsy, status epilepticus and febrile seizures. Eleven suitable studies were found for Epilepsy, three for status epilepticus and two for febrile seizures. Study methodology was assessed on a scale ranging from a maximum score of 32 and minimum of 10. The papers were heterogeneous and methodology scores ranged from 11 to 26.
  • Results: The studies examining the incidence of IHI in patients with epilepsy were higher powered than those looking at the incidence of IHI in healthy, non-epileptic individuals. A scoring system was developed to weight the individual studies. The incidence of IHI in patients with epilepsy was 5.76% (147/2552) compared to 11.4% (101/883) in controls. The incidence of IHI in CSE was 8.6% (28/331) and 6.83% (11/161).
  • Conclusion: While IHI is seen in many patients with seizures, it is also seen in many unaffected individuals.
Project type:
  • Systematic review
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Application / disease keywords:
  • Convulsive status epilepticus (CSE)
  • Epilepsy
  • Febrile seizures
  • Incomplete hippocampal inversion (IHI)
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