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14 May 18. PiW International

PET is Wonderful (PiW) - this international meeting covers exciting research on PET imaging.


Professor Terry JonesDr Mark MacAskill and Mr Tim Morgan.


At the upcoming PiW International Meeting in May, Professor Terry Jones will be talking about his newest cutting-edge research project: the EXPLORER scanner. Professor Jones is a Clinical Professor of Diagnostic Radiology at the University of California Davis, USA. He has over 50-years of experience in PET imaging and, among many life-time achievements, he was responsible for installing one of Britain’s first PET scanners at the Hammersmith Hospital in 1979. He also developed a technique of breathing oxygen-15 (radioactive oxygen) to image the brain’s metabolism – a technique which he tried on himself to create the first image. Professor Jones is the ultimate PET enthusiast and will be sharing with us his latest research on the EXPLORER, the first clinical whole-body PET scanner in the world.

At the meeting, Dr Mark MacAskill, University of Edinburgh, will also be speaking on the development of a new and promising PET radiotracer for imaging inflammation non-invasively and Mr Tim Morgan, University of Glasgow, will talk on synthesis of novel compounds as potential PET radiotracers for imaging myelination and demyelination in vivo.

This is truly a translational meeting covering exciting research on PET imaging from the chemistry bench to man! As well as connecting researchers in Scotland and the other side of the Atlantic!

Time & date

14th May 2018

14.20 - 17.00 


Wellcome Trust Auditorium,




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