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CCBS postgraduate students

An automatically generated listing of postgraduate students in the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences. (NB: this list is not comprehensive).

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title Email Phone number
Graham Anderson The Role of Ultraviolet Radiation in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Onset and Pathogenesis – an In Vitro Study s1139761@ed.ac.uk
Kimberley Atkinson Polygenic risk scores for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder on UKBB data and association with structural brain variations and environmental risk factors. kimberley.atkinson@ed.ac.uk
Jose Bernal Moyano Suitability of retrospective imaging artefact removal for the study small vessel disease using magnetic resonance imaging jose.bernal@ed.ac.uk
Emily Beswick Factors Impacting Trial Participation in People with Motor Neuron Disease emily.beswick@ed.ac.uk
Sunniva Bøstrand Oligodendroglial Dysfunction in Huntington's Disease sunniva.bostrand@ed.ac.uk
Dr Verónica Cabreira veronica.cabreira@ed.ac.uk
Dr Úna Clancy Symptoms of SVD: identifying neuropsychiatric symptoms of cerebral small vessel disease una.clancy@ed.ac.uk
Eleanor Conole Lifestyle, inflammation and brain structure across the lifecourse eleanor.conole@ed.ac.uk
Helen Corby Relationship between diagnoses and social care provision in a national cohort: Implications for social and health care integration s1683369@sms.ed.ac.uk
Dr Elizabeth Elliott Investigating the clinicopathological correlates amongst differing clinical phenotypes of MND e.elliott@ed.ac.uk
Sarah Gregory Understanding the role of the HPA axis as a mid-life risk for dementia Sarah.Gregory@ed.ac.uk
Poppy Zenzi Grimes Characterising the nature of mental health trajectories across adolescent development through the integration of genomic, biomarkers, neuroimaging and environmental risk factors p.grimes@ed.ac.uk
Kaitlyn Hair kaitlyn.hair@ed.ac.uk
Áine Heffernan Defining the Functional Consequence of LRRK2 Dysregulation in Astrocytes aine.heffernan@ed.ac.uk
Nikolaj Høier s2250502@ed.ac.uk
Anders Jespersen a.jespersen@ed.ac.uk
Caoimhe Kirby Investigating and Manipulating Microglia and Macrophage Phenotype to Improve Outcome after Intracerebral Haemorrhage caoimhe.kirby@ed.ac.uk
Cameron Manning Multimodal MRI methods to quantify blood-brain barrier leakage in the ageing brain C.J.Manning-1@sms.ed.ac.uk
Gashirai K Mbizvo gashirai.mbizvo@ed.ac.uk
Dr Donncha Mullin Development of a polygenic risk score of motoric cognitive risk syndrome for early identification of individuals at high risk of dementia d.mullin@ed.ac.uk
Laura Sherlock Enabling large simple trials for dementia prevention l.sherlock@ed.ac.uk
Emilie Sleight Advanced signal processing and MRI to assess cerebrovascular health in small vessel disease and dementia s1959968@ed.ac.uk
Holly E. A. Sutherland Reducing health inequalities for autistic people by understanding interactional rapport. h.e.a.sutherland@sms.ed.ac.uk
Leolie Lucy Telford-Cooke The development of phenotypic approaches to advance drug discovery and development for multiple sclerosis leolie.telford-cooke@ed.ac.uk
Adam Threlfall Virtual Biopsy with the Eye: Using Machine Learning to Detect and Track Chronic Kidney Disease s1964199@ed.ac.uk
Qianying Wang Biomedical natural language processing for preclinical evidence synthesis qianying.wang@ed.ac.uk