Wen Chyi Quah (BSc Neuroscience, MSc Applied Neuroscience)

Thesis title: Studying the Synaptic Architecture of the Human Brain in Schizophrenia



PhD Clinical Neuroscience (2022 - Present)

MSc Applied Neuroscience (2021 - 2022)

BSc Neuroscience (2019 - 2021)



Molecular Pharmacology Lab: Characterising the potency and efficacy of novel synthetic opioids

Behavioural Neuroscience Lab: Determining the separation of dose-dependent anxiolytic and sedative effects of pregnanolone

Diagnostic Microbiology Lab: Determining the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant enterobacteriaceae in retail freshwater fish

Cell Biology Lab: worked on characterising the 'gravisomes' in the root of Chara spp and primer design