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ITN Business programme and Wellbeing of Women anniversary film features CRH research

A crew from ITN Business visited the Centre for Reproductive Health (within IRR) in January 2024 to film our Wellbeing of Women researchers in action as part of a reproductive health focused programme entitled The Future We Deserve.

Varsha Jain and Marianne Watters in the lab

Dr’s Lucy Whitaker (Horne lab), Varsha Jain (Critchley lab), Marianne Watters (Maybin lab) and Kate Walker (Maybin lab) all contributed to this impactful feature, giving insightful interviews discussing their research priorities and progress.

The scientists offered a variety of visual demonstrations to clearly highlight clinical problems and the importance of women’s health research finding effective solutions, leading to improved outcomes. Some of the debilitating yet common health issues being showcased included heavy menstrual bleeding, adenomyosis and endometriosis.

ITN Business partnered with CRH charity partner and funder, Wellbeing of Women, to create this impactful programme as part of the 60th celebrations of the charity.

Watch it in full on the ITN Business website

Candice McKenzie being interviewed

Colleagues from Wellbeing of Women visited our Centre on the same date to create a video and content to highlight their 60th anniversary, the CRH research they fund, and the importance of investing in women’s health. Candice McKenzie, who suffers from endometriosis and co-founder of Endo Warriors West Lothian, also talks about her own lived experience with debilitating symptoms and why medical research is so vital for women like her.

Watch the full video on YouTube

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