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News 2021

An archive of Centre news from 2021

TestEd team awarded Principal’s Medal at winter graduation ceremony

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Professor Tim Aitman received the medal on behalf of the team for significant achievements in pioneering a way to mass population testing in an epidemic: December 2021

Loss of SORCS2 is Associated with Neuronal DNA Double-Strand Breaks

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A recent publication from Dr Kathy Evans’ research group in the journal Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology finds an association between the protein SORCS2 and double-strand breaks in neuronal DNA.

Prof Tim Aitman appointed as the Academy of Medical Sciences regional champion for Scotland

IGMM News 2014 - Tim Aitman
Professor Tim Aitman has been appointed the Academy of Medical Sciences regional champion for Scotland

Deal to aid development of cystic fibrosis gene therapy

Cystic Fibrosis
Researchers and commercial partners agree licensing to advance work on treatment for life-threatening lung condition.

Cancer immunotherapy research among beLAB1407’s first projects

IGC PI working to develop new therapies for difficult-to-treat cancers is among the first recipients of funding from the $20 million beLAB1407, recently launched to advance life sciences innovation.

Omics data suggests larger effect of smoking on body mass index than previously thought

DNA methylation patterns linked to smoking explain ten times more variance than self-reported data: September 2021

Linking mitochondrial dysfunction to induction of the innate immune system

Yanick Crow
Yanick Crow's team, working with clinical colleagues worldwide, and together with Ashish Dhir (CGEM, IGC) and Tim Wai (Institute Pasteur), have identified mutations in ATAD3A as a novel cause of interferon induction: August 2021

New genes linked to longer reproductive lifespan in women identified

Research, including Generation Scotland volunteer data, identifies nearly 300 variations in genes that can affect reproductive lifespan in women

‘We began as part of the body’ at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

Iimage of 3D printed cells
Prof Sara Brown’s recent collaboration with artist Beverley Hood appeared in an Edinburgh Science festival exhibition in Summerhall. Sara and Beverley launched the exhibition with a recorded interview discussing their work.

Fatigue in inflammatory bowel disease - PREdiCCt study data presented at ECCO 2021 congress

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Lauranne Derikx, advanced clinical research fellow in the Edinburgh Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) unit and member of Professor Charlie Lees research group, will present this Friday (9 July) baseline data of the PREdiCCt study on the ECCO (European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation) 2021 congress. Her abstract shows that fatigue is highly prevalent in IBD and significantly impacts on all domains of quality of life. July 21.

A new PhD training programme focused on epilepsy research awarded

A new Doctoral Training Centre led by Prof Richard Chin (Child Life and Health) and Prof Cathy Abbott (Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine) has been funded by the charity Epilepsy Research UK. June 21.

A collaboration of art and science

Work created for the Ascus Art and Science collaboration by Danni Gadd and Kym Walker
ASCUS Art and Science Collaboration brings the two fields together to produce art work inspired by scientific research. May 21

Epigenetic predictors of lifestyle traits in blood and the brain

Epigenetic predictors in blood and brain
A recent publication in the journal Brain Communications from Riccardo Marioni’s group compares DNA methylation patterns seen in blood as predictors of lifestyle traits with epigenetic changes in brain tissue. May 21

TestEd project receives £1.8 million UKRI backing to roll out across the University

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A £1.8 million award from UK Research and Innovation will enable the TestEd team to provide fast and cost-effective twice weekly COVID-19 testing across the University.

Inflammatory mediators of severity in COVID-19 infection

A recent publication in Science Immunology from Dr Kenneth Baillie, including work from Prof Yanick Crow and Prof David Hunt, identifies inflammatory mediators implicated in COVID-19 severity. April 21

Integration of genetics, epigenetics and proteomics to predict Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Riccardo Marioni wins Alzheimer’s Society award to study genetic and proteomic predictors of Alzheimer's disease. April 21

Spinout BioCaptiva launched to unlock cancer detection through liquid biopsy

IGMM News 2014 - Tim Aitman
A spinout from the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine targets the early diagnosis of difficult-to-detect cancers with a new blood-based biopsy device.

IGMM renamed the Institute of Genetics and Cancer

From 1 April the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) will go by a new name, the Institute of Genetics and Cancer (IGC): April 2021

Shining a Light on a rare bone disease XLH

On 2 March, people living with XLH, a rare genetic bone disease, as well as scientists, staff and students from across the Institute and wider university heard about exciting new developments in research into XLH from Professor Stuart Ralston and Ryan Frew, who has XLH, described how his life has been transformed by a new treatment: March 2021

Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow, Professor of Dermatology joins IGMM

Prof Sara Brown at a microscope
Professor Sara Brown has recently moved from Dundee to become part of the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine.

Methylation differences in Alzheimer’s disease associated variants

Research from Dr Kathy Evans’ group (first author Dr Rosie Walker) identifies epigenetic differences between carriers of the APOE ε4 and APOE ε2 alleles, variants associated with an increased and decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, respectively. Jan 21.

Genes could be key to new Covid-19 treatments, study finds

Edinburgh researchers collaborating in the global GenOMICC consortium identify potential treatments for Covid-19 after the discovery of five genes associated with the most severe form of the disease: December 2020

The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow join forces to train young doctors in musculoskeletal disease

The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are joining forces to train young doctors in research relevant to the causes and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The ambitious new project which will see the institutions combine their global excellence in biomedical research and teaching to advance understanding of musculoskeletal diseases.

Two new genes involved in Aicardi-Goutières syndrome

IGMM News 2015 -  dna stock
A publication in Nature Genetics from Prof Yanick Crow’s laboratory has identified two new genes involved in the Mendelian inflammatory disorder Aicardi-Goutières syndrome.