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Fatigue in inflammatory bowel disease - PREdiCCt study data presented at ECCO 2021 congress

Lauranne Derikx, advanced clinical research fellow in the Edinburgh Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) unit and member of Professor Charlie Lees research group, will present this Friday (9 July) baseline data of the PREdiCCt study on the ECCO (European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation) 2021 congress. Her abstract shows that fatigue is highly prevalent in IBD and significantly impacts on all domains of quality of life. July 21.

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The ECCO is the leading world congress for IBD with over 8000 attendees. Lauranne’s abstract around fatigue in IBD was selected as one of the top 40 abstracts among more than 1000 abstracts and will be presented in the plenary scientific programme.

PREdiCCt (PRognostic effects of Environmental factors in Crohn’s and Colitis) was set up by Professor Charlie Lees in 2016. The study aims to determine which aspects of baseline habitual diet, environment, genetic variation and microbiota predict disease flares in IBD. In total, 2629 IBD patients in clinical remission were recruited across 49 UK sites. Detailed information was collected at baseline and during follow-up. Currently, baseline data are analysed and the last study endpoint is expected in March 2022.

Fatigue is highly prevalent in IBD, but it is poorly studied and an adequate treatment approach is currently lacking. In our PREdiCCt cohort, 40% of the IBD patients in clinical remission reported lack of energy. This was independently associated with female sex, a higher BMI, clinical disease activity and psychological well-being (anxiety, depression, sleep). Patients with lack of energy had a significantly decreased quality of life across all 8 health domains, which emphasizes the need for an adequate treatment algorithm.

The PREdiCCt study team is currently analysing baseline data and drafting the first papers. More baseline data will be presented by Spyros Siakavellas in one of the poster presentation sessions of this congress.


Fatigue is highly prevalent in IBD patients in remission (40%) and significantly impacts on all domains of quality of life. Attention to fatigue and psychological wellbeing in daily clinical IBD practice is of major importance given the significant impact on quality of life.

Lauranne Derikx, Advanced clinical research fellowEdinburgh Inflammatory Bowel Disease unit



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