Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology

About us

The Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology is home to around 170 scientists and support staff working collaboratively towards a common goal.


Graphoc image of cell components making a spiral, against a black background
The Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology has a mission to discover the fundamental molecular mechanisms that determine cell function in health and disease.


Photo of the Micheal Swann building exterior
History of the Wellcome Trust funded Cell Biology research Centre.


Group image of Centre mebers at the Centre retreat
People are at the core of the centre. The group leaders, postdocs, technicians, facilities managers, science communicators, support staff and administrators working at the centre all play an essential role.

Working environment and culture

Three centre mebers, in lab coats and face masks, work in the lab
The Wellcome centre for Cell Biology provides a state of the state of the art research environment with an inclusive, supportive and highly collaborative culture.

Contact us

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Key contacts across the Centre.