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How to Apply – PhD Applicants Seeking Funding

Guidance on how to apply for advertised PhD projects - applicants seeking funding

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1.  Select your project(s) from our list of PhD Projects - you can apply for a maximum of three  projects.

PhD Projects   


2.  Click 'how to apply' on the advertised PhD project to complete our eligibility checklist* - for each project if applying for more than one.


3.  You will then have the option to apply through the University’s online application system – EUCLID. You can apply for up to three projects on one EUCLID application.


4.  Applying for funding is a separate process - a list of suggested funding schemes is provided during the eligibility checklist. You can also view the full list of funding schemes.

PhD Funding 


*What is an Eligibility Checklist?

  • Our eligibility checklist is a short series of steps that allows you to check if you meet the criteria to apply for the PhD project you are interested in. 
  • It will also suggest funding schemes that you may be able to apply for based on your answers.
  • Your answers are not recorded and completing an eligibility checklist does not commit you to making a PhD application via EUCLID.