Biological Sciences

Research themes

Our research is focused around four main themes which bring together diverse research interests to answer some of the most interesting fundamental questions about life and to create solutions to global challenges.

Cell and structural biology and epigenetics

This theme encompasses a wide range of topics investigating fundamental biological processes at the level of cells, molecules and genes. Building on our established strengths in fundamental cell biology we are now developing new directions in epigenetics and genome function. The theme has strong links to our other research themes, notably with immunology, with synthetic biology and biotechnology, and with stem cell biology.

Evolutionary biology, infection and immunology

This theme moves from genes to whole organisms to populations in scale, taking as its common approach the evolution of genetic traits, organisms and behaviours, and the interactions between organisms, communities and environment.

Systems and synthetic biology

We use biological and physical data and mathematical models to understand a range of dynamic biological processes at scales from the molecule to the whole organism, enabling us to predict how living systems respond to change, and to design new biological materials.

Stem cell biology

We conduct fundamental research into the biology and engineering of mammalian stem cells. Our aim is to provide the understanding of stem cells required to develop new therapies to treat human disease and injury.

Sustainable Biotechnology

Biotechnology is defined broadly as the process of using living systems (e.g. yeast, plants, bacteria, human stem cells) to develop or make new products.