Biological Sciences


Professional & Technical services staff list

Name Job title Email Address
ADAMS, Will Plant Growth Facilities Senior Technician
AFFLECK, Denise Wash-up / Media Technician
AFFLECK, Kirsten BTO Teaching Laboratory Technician
ANDERSON, Greg WTC Technical Manager
ASPINWALL, Caroline Dr Undergraduate Manager
BANKS, Rob Accounts Support Assistant
BARKER, Heather Dr MSc Technical Support Officer
BARRASS, James David Learning Technology Support Officer
BENNETT, Andrew Finance Services Administrative Assistant
BINNIE, John Accounts & Service Recovery Officer
BISHOP, Louise Institute Secretary - ICB/IMPS/IQB3
BLACK, Claire Teaching Admin Assistant
BLAIR, David Technical General Support
BOND, Richard Workshop Technician / PAT tester
BROWN, Vicki BTO Teaching Laboratory Technician
BRUCE, Yamila Staffing Assistant
BUXTON, Emily Student Experience Administrator
CABRELLI, Abigail Student Support Tutor
CAMPBELL, Adele Research Information and Open Access Compliance Officer
CASASOLA ZAMORA, Samuel Dr Postdoctoral Research Associate
CATERER, Sara Stores Support Assistant
CLARK, David Accounts & Procurement Deputy
CONLON, Claire Project Officer and REF/Impact Coordinator
COOPER, Misti Finance Officer
CORRIGAN, Patrick Trainee Laboratory Support Technician - Modern Apprentice
COUTURIER, Anna EurostemCell Digital Communications Manager
CRERAR, Richard Teaching Technical Support Technician
CRUICKSHANKS, Hazel Dr BTO Student Support Tutor
CURTIS, John Dr BTO Student Support Tutor
DEWHIRST, Edward Dr Clerical Assistant
DOE, Pete BTO Teaching Laboratory Technician
DUERDEN, Fiona Deputy Health and Safety Manager
DUNCAN, Heather Research Support Assistant
DYE, Michael BTO Teaching Laboratory Technician
ELLIS, Philip Business Development Co-ordinator
FANOURGIAKI, Maria Science Communicator
FILIPPAKOPOULOU, Maria Dr Doctoral Training Partnership Administrator
FLETCHER, Elizabeth Dr Research Development Manager
FORBES, Susan BTO Laboratory Supervisor
FULTON, Norma Technical Development Officer – Teaching Laboratories
FYFFE, Julie Institute & Centre Admin Secretary
GARDNER, Kirsten Finance Officer
GIBSON, Steve Technical General Support
GLENDINNING, Jayne Research Office Manager
GORMLEY, Sarah Infrastructure Planning and Change Manager
HALEY, Ann Dr BTO Academic Administrator
HALL, Heather Darwin Trust / Postgraduate Administrator
HANN, Louise Projects and Enhancement Officer
HARVEY, Sarah Taught Postgraduate Manager
HAUPT, Sophie Dr Plant Sciences Facilities Manager
HILLS, David Dr Teaching Support Technical Manager
HOPKINS, John Technical Development Officer
HOTHI, Lynette Staffing Team Leader
HU, Linda Web & Learning Technology Manager
ISBISTER, Alan BTO Laboratory Supervisor
JANIK, Jolanta Media/Wash-Up Technician
KEER-KEER, Sarah WTCCB Public Engagement Manager
KERMACK, Natalie Dr Teaching Technical Support Supervisor
KERR, Andrew Wash-up / Media Technician
KIDD, Isla Finance Manager/Management Accountant
KING, James Media and Wash Up Technician
KNOX, John Stores and Procurement Senior Assistant
LAIDLAW, Darran General Support/Wash-up Technician
LAW, Rachel Teaching Administrative Assistant
LAWRIE, Sandra Building & Technical Services Manager
LIM, Rivka Research Assistant
LINDSAY, Rona Undergraduate Recruitment Officer
LITHGOW, Edward BTO Clerical Assistant
LLOYD, Millie Health & Safety Assistant
LOLA-LUZ, Theodora Dr Research Development Manager
MACDONALD, Timothy Teaching Administrative Assistant
MANUEL, Martine Student Support Tutor (maternity cover)
MARSDEN, Mark SCRM Centre Technical Manager
MARTIN, Margaret Wash-up / Media Technician
MCEVOY, Colin Health and Safety Manager
MCKENZIE, Graeme Workshop Manager
MCLAREN, Colin Computing Support Officer
MCPHERSON, Euan Wash-up / Media Technician
MCRAE, John Workshop Technician
MCWILLIAMS, Lorraine Wash-up / Media Technician
MORRIS, Jennifer Programme Administrator
NG, Peter Database Developer
NICHOL, Andrea BTO Taught Programmes Marketing Officer
NICOLSON, Graham Senior Stores Manager
PATERSON, Janet Dr Public Engagement Manager
PAYNE, Anne Dr Director of Professional Services
POPE, Caroline Dr Postgraduate Placement Coordinator SULSA
POXON, Gareth Computing Support Team Leader
PRATT, Donna Wash-up / Media Technician
PROCTOR, Caroline Dr Graduate and Staffing Services Manager
RADFORD, David Dr Student Support Tutor
RAE, Mairead Postgraduate Programme Administrator
RAEBURN, Lynn Procurement & Services Officer
RAFFERTY, Karen Planning & Admin Officer
REID, Angela Wash-up / Media Technician
REID, Christine Web & Digital Content Developer
RESTORICK, Carol Wash-up / Media Technician
ROBERTSON, Louise Accounts Officer
ROBERTSON, Marie- Anne Science Communications Manager
ROBERTSON, Louise KM Teaching Administrative Assistant
ROBERTSON-DICK, Holly Industry Liaison and Placements Co-ordinator
ROWE, Lucinda Technician Media Production/Wash up
SACHS, Daniel Dr Innovation Placement
SAMUEL, Keir Computing Support Officer
SCALLY, Cameron Teaching Administrative Assistant
SCHAFFNER, Claudia Dr Technical Services Manager
SCHULZ, Andrea Postgraduate Finance & Accounts Manager
SCOTLAND, Caroline Research Administrator
SHIELDS, Roz Academic Secretary
SIM, Helena Graduate Team Leader
SNAITH, Hilary Dr Executive Manager, EID
SNEDDON, David Stores Assistant
STEVEN, Leslie BTO Teaching Technical Support Assistant
SULLIVAN, Charnelle Staffing Administrator
SWAN, Anthony Senior Electronics & Instrumentation Technician
TANSEY, Julie BTO Teaching Laboratory Technician
THOMSON, Paul Computing Support Officer
THORNBACK, Kate Inclusion & Diversity Officer
TRACEY, Kath Institute Secretary - IEB
TUZI, Nadia Dr Senior Academic Tutor
VASEPURU, Alexandra Administrative Assistant
WAITE, Amanda EuroStemCell Translation Manager
WALKER, Kristoffer Media and Wash-up Facilities Manager
WATSON, Pat Dr Horticultural Support Technician
WHYTE, Diane Wash-up / Media Technician
WILSON, Carolyn BTO Senior Clerical Assistant
WOJCIK, Monika Staffing Administrator
WOODCOCK, Karen Postgraduate Programme Administrator
WRIGHT, Donna BTO Senior Clerical Assistant
WRIGHT, Audrey Wash-up / Media Technician
YARDLEY, Richard Administration Services Manager and Deputy Director of Professional Servi
ZAOUI, Xavier Dr Innovation Placement