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Much of what we do is of relevance to industry and we are interested in forging collaborative partnerships with start ups or multinationals who can apply our research and innovations. We have also generated innovation that has driven the creation of new companies, OGI Bio and Cellinta.   

We are always open for business. 

What we can offer  

  • Access to state-of-the art facilities;
  • In-house training on specialist equipment;
  • Collaborative R&D projects;
  • Consultancy and fee-for-service work; 
  • Technology licensing opportunities - please also browse Our Researchpages to find out more about the areas we work in.

Applicable markets

Research tools
  • Novel cell-based assays to improve testing of drug efficacy safety.
  • Drug-inducible controllers of cell behaviour.
  • Self-assembling organoids for improving drug testing.
  • Cells engineered to detect and respond to biomarkers of disease or hallmarks of infection.
  • Cells engineered to respond to harmful toxins in the environment
Advanced Therapeutic and Medicinal Products
  • Autologous or allogeneic human cells engineered to replace functions lost in disease.
  • Stem cell therapy using modified stem cells to replace lost or damaged tissues.
  • Synthetic vaccines to treat rapidly emerging infectious disease in humans and livestock.
  • Synthetic modifications to industrial production systems to increase yield and reduce cost of biologics.
  • Engineering cells to produce novel next-generation biologics (antibody fragments, nanobodies, peptides).

Our Start Up Companies 

The research we are working on has a number of valuable applications that we are driving to market via spin out companies. 

You can find out more about there here. 

Cellinta Ltd - Targeted gene therapy for solid cancers  (Scientific founder, Prof Steven Pollard)

OGI Bio Ltd - Affordable automation of microbial culturing  (Scientific founder, Prof Teuta Pilizota)  




 For further information, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact:

Dr Emma Elliott (PhD, RTTP)

Business Development and Consultancy Team Manager for the School of Biological Sciences

  • Edinburgh Innovations

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  • Normal working hours are 8am – 4pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-11am Friday

Dr Lorraine Kerr

Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Edinburgh Innovations

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