Behavioural Ecology in Animal Populations


We work with colleagues with shared interests and goals. If you are interested in collaborating with us please get in touch.

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

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We have a long standing collaboration with The UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UKCEH)  which is the UKs independent, not-for-profit research institute for environmental science across water, land and air. We have been part of their long-term studies on internationally important breeding populations of seabirds since 2005. Seabird population dynamics are  a highly useful indicator of the health of marine ecosystems and environmental change. Our main collaborator is Sarah Burthe who shares our interests in the impact of parasitism and disease on animal populations.


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We are collaborating with researchers at the Scottish Rural College whose research focuses on rural, environmental and land-based activity while supporting education and consultancy. Based in the Disease Systems Team their research aims to provide a detailed understanding of the biology driving disease persistence, prevalence, and spread, and explores how the biology scales up from individuals to populations, in plants, animals and humans. Our main collaborator is Lesley Smith who shares our interests in how social networks affects responses to disease.

Meth Lab 

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We are right next door to The Meth Lab who are expanding the use of DNA methylation-based epigenetic clocks to non-model species to enable research  to delve deeply into the causes and consequences of ageing. Our main collaborator is Tom Little and the team at EDGE as we develop a clock for lookig at the impact of parasitism on ageing in our study organisms.

Individual collaborators

Sarah Burthe

Lesley Smith

Tom Little


Jane Reid

Francis Daunt

Allison Shaw

Mike Hutchings

Giles Innocent