Biological Sciences


School of Biological Sciences groups

Alexander Group

Dr. Helen Alexander's research group at the University of Edinburgh

Cavanagh Lab

Cavanagh Lab

Hetherington Lab

The Molecular Palaeobotany and Evolution Group

Patrick Heun lab

Patrick Heun lab website, our lab is interested in the epigenetic inheritance and organization of centromeres.

Baranovic Lab

Baranovic Lab website.

Bird Lab

Adrian Bird, Buchanan Professor of Genetics, Lab website

Behavioural Ecology in Animal Populations

Swabirds in sunset
We study how environmental conditions in early life carry over to affect later life traits that affect health, fitness and disease.

Frungillo Lab

Welcome to Frungillo Lab! Our group uses interdisciplinary approaches to uncover molecular mechanism in plant nutrition, and aims to provide sustainable alternatives for increasing crop production to meet global food security needs. We are based at the Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences, University of Edinburgh.

Loeske Kruuk Group

Loeske Kruuk Lab website.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences website for postdocs. There are currently around 200 postdocs in the School and we are a diverse, vibrant and international community: around 45% of SBS postdocs are from the EU, 30% from the UK and 25% from the rest of the world. We hope you can find the information you need on these pages; if not email