Beggs Lab

Yeast Genetic Resource Center

Many of the yeast strains and plasmids described in publications from the Beggs laboratory have been deposited with the Yeast Genetic Resource Center (YGRC), Osaka, Japan, from which they can be obtained.

Yeast Genetic Resource Center

Symposium speakers group photo

This symposium was held on 8 November 2019 to mark the retirment of Professor Jean Beggs.

Lab group members pose for a photo in front of their accommodation

Beggs' lab closing team.

Beggs research group RNA 3D image

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Mock-up produced by our collaborator Markus Wahl for cover of Genes and devlopment

Publications from the Beggs lab group.

Three lab members making a pinata in the lab

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The spliceosome assembly/disassembly pathway, showing RNA stimulated ATPases known to have quality control functions.

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