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Reunion archive

Take a look at our archived list of recent reunions including contact details for reunion organisers and links to further online coverage.

Reunion archives


The following list is organised in date order with the most recent reunions listed first.

We currently list reunions from January 2012 onwards.

If you would like information regarding a reunion that occured prior to this then please contact us and we will be able to search our offline archive.


Year Subject Organiser Further information
1976 BDS Joan Jackson  
1966 Biochemistry Ian Mason  
2006 MBChB

Adam Capek and Tim Ambrose

Reunion feature
2007 Informatics Grace Chiu Reunion feature
1976 BVM&S Norman Johnston Reunion feature
1971 Nursing Linda Pollock  
2006 BVM&S Fiona Adam  
1991  MBChB Shona McDonald Neal  
1957 & 1958 Classics John and Jean Sawyer Reunion feature
1976 Agric Derek Chapman-Wood Reunion feature
2009 English Language Eleni Samuel  
1971 Chemical Engineering & Mathematics Adrian Hailstone, Mike Driver, Dave Hollings  
1966 BDS Girls Pamela Thomson  
1956 - 1958 Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Charles Abernethy  
1975 & 1976 Geography John McCalden  
1964 - 1967 Law James McGhie  
1966 MBChB   Reunion feature
1971 MBChB Hilary Watkinson  
1986 MBChB    
1976 German Ian Manning  

PSV Beethoven

(Music football team)

David Burke and Tim Howe  
1986 BVM&S James Hughes  
1976 start date MBChB Ruth Ray, Rhona Hughes, Andrew Elder  
1971 Agric Chris Firby Reunion feature
1966 Chemistry Alan Masson Reunion website
1986 Geography Colin Butchart  
1969 - 1970 Electrical Engineering Bob Williams  
start date 1976 Law Alastair Keatinge, Lindy Patterson, John Sturrock  
1976 Ecological Sciences Riddell Graham  
1979 - 1980 Maths Catherine Gibb  
1981 BDS Tom Timmons  
1986 Agrics John Scott  
1991 Maths, Physics, Mathematical Physics Norman Dalgleish, Dave Burgess, Alistair Ewing  
1991 Architecture    
1969 BVM&S John Daft  
1986 Civil Engineering Jeremy Forde  


Year Subject Organiser Further information
  Glee club Peter Freshwater  
  Hockey Club   Reunion feature
1990 Maths Diana McCobb  
1989 MBChB Steven Caldwell  
1985 Computer Science and Electronics Duncan Baillie  
2015 Edinburgh University Canoe Club Elizabeth Lennon and Merry Wright Reunion feature
1984/5 Bcomm Olive Darragh  
1970 Agriculture Martin Reece Reunion feature
  Edinburgh University Air Squadron   Reunion feature
1965 MBChB Mike Dixon and Lucile McLeod Reunion feature
1955 Geography   Reunion feature
1958 Chemistry Andrew Miller  
1955 Law David Buchanan and Catherine Blight Reunion feature
1965 BDS Robin Wild Reunion feature
1970 MBChB   Reunion feature
1975 MBChB Elaine Melrose  
1975 Nursing Jane Fowlie  
1965 BVMS Dan Bardsley Reunion feature
1980 MBChB Helen Cameron and Stephen Fowlie  
1955 MBChB P Paterson-Brown  
1955 BVMS A David Weaver  


Year Subject Organiser Further information
1973 Economics and History David Andrews Reunion feature
1974 Geography Alf Caws  
1964 MBCHB Sandy Raeburn  
1974/75 French and German Susan Read  
1974 BDS Dentistry Mike Lieberman  
1979 BDS Dentistry Yvonne Miller and Shirley Hopkins  
1974 Civil Engineering George Bee  
1969 Economics Bill Buchan  
1968 Geography Susan Rennilson  
1967 Nursing Phyl Runciman  
1977 Nursing Anne McFarlane  
1963/4 Psychology Beate Coward  
1974 Architecture Stephen Newsom and Ian Riddell  
1979 Euan Bryson Euan Bryson  
1974/75 French/German Marguerite Macalister Hall and Susan Reade  
1954 MBCHB Freda Fleming & Sheila McDonald  


Year Subject Organiser Further information
n/a EURFC Ian Stevens Reunion feature
1963 Architecture Douglas Jack Reunion feature
1973 MB ChB Joan and Jack Rodgers  
1967 Divinity George Newlands  
1963 MA Geography 50th Anniversary Alastair Robinson and Walter Stephen Reunion feature
1963 MB ChB Boyd Moir, Duncan Robertson and Jennifer Robertson  
n/a Edinburgh University Air Squadron Ron Gardiner Reunion feature
1953 Law Elizabeth Picton and Lawrence Mackie Reunion feature
1963 Agriculture James Vandore  
1963 Law David Lyle  
1983 German Peter Neil  
1968 MB CHb John Crispin and Jean Cooper  
1974/75 French and German    
1974 Geography Alf Caws  
1964 MBCHB Sandy Raeburn