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Ian Springford

Ian Springford explains why Edinburgh is a great place to study Architecture and talks about his current projects with his own practice.

Name Ian Springford
Degree Course PGD Architecture
Year of Graduation 1995
Ian Springford

Your time at the University

I grew up in Edinburgh and always assumed I’d leave and study elsewhere. When the time came, however, I couldn’t find a better city in which to study architecture! The mix of medieval Old and classical New Town along with the dramatic topography of the city make it a fascinating place to study and work in. Edinburgh College of Art also had fantastic facilities and a great reputation within the profession.

I remember having to pull far too many all-nighters to complete projects on time and some very nerve-wracking presentations but I enjoyed it tremendously. I’ve recently had the opportunity to see the course from ‘the other side’ as a visiting critic.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

After graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art, I began working with Reiach and Hall Architects in Edinburgh before setting up my own practice in 2000.

We’ve been very fortunate and had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects all over the country.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to see the course from ‘the other side’ as a visiting critic.

Ian Springford

We’ve recently finished a 187 bedroom, 4 star Hotel in London. We are currently working on the re-cladding and refurbishment of an office building in Irvine and new affordable housing and a church in Edinburgh. We’ve also got a few interesting projects in development which we hope will come to fruition soon.

Alumni wisdom

A university degree seems to be regarded as simply a pre-qualification process for landing the first job and there is pressure to become increasingly specialised at an earlier age. I would recommend students use their time at university to broaden their education rather than focus on an end goal and career.