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Looking for golden graduates

Were you at the University when Higgs had his ‘big idea’, when the Beatles played at the ABC on Lothian Road and when the Queen opened the Forth Road Bridge?

Looking for golden graduates

At 11am on Friday 27 June, the first graduation ceremony of 2014 will take place at McEwan Hall.

Graduation marks the culmination of years of hard work but, as you know, it is really just the beginning - the beginning of careers, adventures, challenges, setbacks, ideas and experiences.

What better way to prepare and inspire our class of 2014 than by sharing the life lessons and wisdom of those who graduated as part of the class of 1964.

Are you a golden graduate?

Were you in Edinburgh when;

Professor J Fraser Stoddart
  • pioneer in the fields of nanoscience and organic chemistry, Fraser Stoddart received his BSc;
  • the Beatles played twice at the ABC Cinema on Lothian Road;
  • the Queen opened the Forth Road Bridge connecting Edinburgh to Fife;
  • Professor Peter Higgs had his ‘big idea’ – an explanation of why the matter in the Universe has substance, or mass;
  • visiting companies from Oxford and Cambridge brought Eric Idle and Michael Palin to the Edinburgh Fringe?

If you were, or know someone who was, then we would love to hear from you.

Send us your story

Help us inspire our 2014 graduates by sending us your alumni profile.

As well as providing advice and guidance, it is a great opportunity to identify what has changed, and what is an enduring part of the Edinburgh experience.