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This is your opportunity to make a difference and become part of the governance of the University.

The General Council

All graduates are members of the General Council. It’s easy to forget this after graduating but it means that you then become part of the University’s Governance structure.

The General Council is currently 192,104 members strong and so requires a Business Committee - a small dynamic action focused team, to deal with its on-going work programme.

What does the General Council do?

It has three main areas of responsibility. These are:

Statutory responsibilities
Our statutory responsibilities include scrutinising and commenting upon the resolutions and ordinances of the University as well as electing a new Chancellor when required.
Influencing and advising the University
In our influencing and advisory role we meet key members of the University community and act as a sounding board for their plans and proposals. Our advice is guided by the principle of ensuring the wellbeing and prosperity of the University.
Supporting the University
We support the activities of Development and Alumni, especially Alumni Engagement, ensuring that our activities and events reflect the current needs and concerns of Edinburgh's alumni community.

We are ambassadors for our graduates and the Business Committee elections are an opportunity for you to work on behalf of the members and give back to the University.

Dr Mike MitchellSecretary of the General Council

How can you take an active role in governance?

In February there will be an election for five members of the Business Committee due to normal retirements.

Information for candidates for membership of the Business Committee can be found on the General Council website.

This gives you the chance to participate actively in the work of the General Council which can be a fascinating and worthwhile experience.

Last year we had a fantastic list of candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and experience and we really want to maintain this level of interest.

Find out more about the General Council elections

General Council Court Assessors

This year we have elections for two Court Assessors as well. These are full members of the University Court, the supreme governing body of the University.

Our Court Assessors are an important part of the independent membership of Court. These are highly responsible positions and require a significant time commitment. The work is however very rewarding.

You can find out more by downloading the information sheet below.

Information sheet for candidates for election as a General Council Assessor (pdf)

The nomination process

Nominations of candidates for the election must be submitted to the General Council Office by 26 November 2014.

Forms and further information for candidates can be found on the General Council website or by contacting Mrs Mary Scott, Assistant to the Secretary, by email or telephone.

Mary Scott

Assistant to the Secretary

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