Estimated living costs 2014-15

Budgeting for living costs is an important part of planning for university life.

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These costs are an estimate - an example of costs in the UK to help you set your own budget.

However, the cost of living can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, budget and spending habits.

We recommend that you use these resources to calculate your own budget before you come.

These costs do not include tuition fees.

Estimated weekly budget, 2014-2015

University room in halls (shared /single)University self-catering roomPrivate flat
Rent £166 - £243£86 - £141£85-£100
Food£18 for lunches£50 £50
Gas/electricityincluded in rent *included in rent *£10-15
Internetincluded in rentincluded in rent£3 - £8
Mobile phones£7-£10£7-£10£7-£10
Total per week £199 - £279£151 - £209£163 - £191

* Catered accommodation for undergraduates only

Accommodation Services reserves the right to make additional charges for excessive use of electricity in some University accommodation.

University accommodation & prices


Food costs will vary depending on taste and dietary needs, but will account for a significant part of your budget.

With our shopping guide you can personalise your food budget and check costs of UK and international foods, and find out where to buy them on the map which is included.

Please remember that even in catered halls you will need to buy lunches.

The Shopping Guide is available to download in Rich Text Format.

Installation charges

Installation of internet broadband and/or telephone landline in a private flat is around £35-£50. There are a number of options and special offers you can explore from different internet and telephone providers.

Compare prices

It is a good idea to visit a price comparison website when considering cable, mobile phone or internet tariffs. Here are a couple of sites.

Budget calculator

You can use this online tool to help you plan a budget before coming to the UK. Use the information on this page to help you estimate costs.

The Advice Place run by EUSA also offers advice on funding and money.

Initial and annual costs

Deposit for your accommodation

  • University accommodation does not require any deposit or pre-payment
  • Private accommodation: one month's rent (around £300 - £360) but this can vary


  • Private accommodation: £25 - £40
  • For students in University accommodation, bedding packs can be ordered online in advance and delivered to your room. Check Accommodation Services website for current rates nearer your arrival at the University.


Students will need a minimum of £315 each year for textbooks, stationery and photocopying.

Contents insurance

  • University accommodation: Included in rent
  • Private accommodation: In most cases, you will need to purchase this personally. Endsleigh Insurance offers an online service.


University accommodation is all centrally located. Most travel costs will be limited to taking the occasional bus, with fares costing about £1.50-£3.50.

If you find accommodation farther away from the University, you can budget for a travel card (Ridacard for Students), costing around £13 per week (£40 for four weeks).

Travel costs in Scotland/UK or overseas will vary. Try to plan for visits home by checking on rail/air fares and adding this to your budget.

Police Registration

If you are required to register with the police on arrival in the UK it will be clearly indicated in your passport.

The current cost for registration is £34 per person.

Television licence

Licences cost £145.50 per year. They are required in all accommodation if you have a TV in your room/flat.

Social costs

Cinema ticket£6 -£7.80
Haircut£15 - £30
Take-away meal (for two)£10 - £15
Beer£2.80 - £4.50
Clothes£20 (per week)

University gym

University gym membership is around £69 (one semester ) or £104 (for full year) depending on membership package.

Childcare costs

Childcare in the private sector is expensive and can cost up to £40-£60 per day.

Further information and advice is available from the Scottish Childcare government website.

The University has a nursery called Arcadia Nursery. You can find out more about costs and services on its website.

Monthly costs for couples/families

This is an estimated basic monthly expenditure covering living costs and accommodation for couples/families.

Note that these costs do not include childcare, which can be expensive.

Couple with 1 child£1700
Couple with 2 children£1900

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