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Software Services

Software Services manage several deals for software used at UoE on campus and at home.

The Software Services team have a number of software site licenses and bulk purchase schemes they manage on behalf of the University.  We facilitate the distribution of software and codes, sometimes recouping costs at a college, school or individual level, within the terms and conditions of the license agreements.

Latest Software News

All the latest news on software & licensing from Software Services at the University can be found on our wiki blog or twitter account.

UoE admin getting Software

This section is about administration and support staff getting software for their schools. Some software can be ordered directly through Information Services, other software is ordered directly through a publisher or their reseller.

Staff and Students getting Software

Staff and students may be able to get personal copies or home use software through university site licenses, either "free", as a special deal or via an academic discount site. Every deal is different - or so it seems!

Main Software Deals

This section contains the main software agreements & special deals we adminster for the University. Chose an agreement to see who is eligible and how to get the software.

What software is available? (secured)

What software is available?

Terms and Conditions

All published software comes with legal Terms & Conditions attached to them.


Software prices and availability may change without notice. Site license deals and special purchase deals often depend on sufficient demand within the University and the academic community as a whole, therefore the discounted prices available through these schemes cannot be guaranteed to be available indefinitely.

It is up to the individual to choose software that meets their requirements. IS is not responsible for errors or lack of functionality in externally-produced software.

The provision under a special deal or site license does not necessarily imply support and/or endorsement by IS.

Find out more about your license responsibilities

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