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Students getting Software

Students can get personal copies or home use software through some university site licenses, either "free", as a special deal or via an academic discount site. Every deal is different - or so it seems!

Before Purchasing

Before purchasing software for your own use at home, it is worth checking to see if you qualify for a cheaper option under one of our deals. Quite often students will get money off or free versions of software which staff might not get.

Student Software List                                                                                    List of student benefits and offers for software deals available from Software Services Team.
Schools Software List
Some site licenses permit home use for staff but not students, so staff check the schools list too.

Summary for University units getting software including any home use details. 

This may not include local schools licenses so also check with your school or department in case they have their own deal.

Main Software Deals                                                    

For more detailed information on the software we have available and how to obtain it,  please check our Main Software Deals pages. Remember to check to see if you can use the software under one of our deals, or search the database for other software we know is used at the University.

Open Access PCs        Information Services provides open-access computers across campus for use by students, staff and visitors to the University. Specialist multimedia and IT facilities are also provided in uCreate located in the Main Library and in the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library at King’s Buildings.


Ordering Software

ePay                                                                                                                    Several Software licences, including Adobe for Students (outwith ECA) are available to purchase on the ePay system.
Order from Software Services Team                                                                                                                   

Some departments will cover the cost of a licence purchase depending on what software, what department etc.  

Please always check our Main Deals Page to see what software is available and how to purchase it.

Click here for information on how departments purchase licences for users.

Ordering direct from vendors.                             Sometimes we can't distribute the site license software from our agreements, but you can buy the software from external sites at a good discount because of deals in place. Other sites have general staff and student discounts. Sometimes the staff discounts aren't as good or only for teaching staff. It's best to shop around or contact Software Services Team.


How is the software delivered?

A lot of software is now "delivered" via download either from ourselves or from a company website.  Some software is available as soon as it is applied for, others have to be verified or added to a portal by a member of staff during normal office hours.  When we add users to portals we will email them with any relevant details. 

There are some occasions where we have to place orders to companies overseas and wait to hear back, which can take longer due to different timezones. 

If a physical copy of something is required, staff and postgraduate students can opt to have the software delivered to their school/department.  Delivery is possible to a UK home address but it will delay delivery. We cannot deliver outwith the UK but will pass the software to your school/department to post on. The estimated delivery time for most orders is around two to three weeks, depending on where the item is coming from.

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