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Dick Vet student becomes first outside of North America to join VEA Summer Internship

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and the Data-Driven Entrepreneurship programme sponsor student to join Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy’s Summer Internship Programme.

The Data-Driven Entrepreneurship (DDE) programme and R(D)SVS have sponsored Archie Macpherson, a 4th-year vet student, to take part in a summer internship organised by the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy (VEA). Archie is the first veterinary student outside of North America to enrol in the programme, which started as a pilot with five students at Texas A&M University and is now a nationally recognised programme in the US, matching entrepreneurially minded veterinary students with innovative animal health companies. Students on the programme learn the fundamentals of business and concepts relating to entrepreneurship, which they then apply to their experience of working with industry partners.  

I’m really happy that DDE and the R(D)SVS managed to sponsor the first vet student outside of North America onto this internship programme, coordinated by the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy. This internship programme is a fantastic initiative for veterinary students to consider how data-driven innovation and entrepreneurship could benefit animal health and welfare.

Dr Lawrence BrownInnovation Manager, Edinburgh Innovations 

  The School is committed to nurturing entrepreneurship on campus and boasts a range of initiatives and spaces created for this purpose, including the Roslin Innovation Centre. 

Stiff Competition 

Competition for this place was fierce, with several strong candidates submitting their applications and taking part in interviews. However, Archie stood out as the clear winner of this sponsored opportunity and has begun a placement working with cryoablation company, Kubanda Cryotherapy. 

With a course as clinically focussed as Veterinary Medicine, a chance to dive into the world of animal health business and entrepreneurial innovation was one I couldn’t ignore. A week in, and I’ve already been immersed into the inner workings of the start-up company I paired with during interview week. The unique part to this internship is that I can put the tools and theory I learn from the VEA directly into practice with my company. I feel relied upon, and not a burden. The one-to-one learning opportunities allow each candidate to be introduced and challenged in their own areas of interest. This internship has been the greatest opportunity the University of Edinburgh has provided me. I look forward to flying out to the USA once travel restrictions ease.

Archie MacphersonR(D)SVS Student 
Archie Macpherson with his dog
Archie Macpherson

New student enterprise hub at the Vet School 

Edinburgh Innovations and the DDE programme hope to use the momentum from this internship to develop more entrepreneurial, student-led initiatives on campus. There will be a new student enterprise hub at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, as well as an event the next academic year to launch an entrepreneurship club on campus for staff and students. This event will provide an opportunity to hear about Archie’s experience first-hand, meet the Edinburgh Innovations’ enterprise team, network with real-life biotech entrepreneurs and learn how to apply for the next summer internship programme with VEA. 


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